Friday, April 9, 2010

On March the 23rd I was rushed to the hospital because of a MAJOR panic attack. It was the weirdest experience of my life. I honestly thought I was dying. Today is the first day since then that I feel completely normal. I left the hospital on the 29th. I had to stay because my resting heart rate stayed steady at about 120 for days and days. They gave me some medicine to slow down the heart rate, when after trial and error, they fought the right dosage amount, they finally let me leave with a prescription for a months worth of medication that made me feel sluggish, un-energetic. But I kept painting through it all. Obviously not my best work, but proves my determination to keep on going no matter what life throws you. Here a a few I painting while 'medicated'.

I stopped taking the medication to see what would happen, I hoped to god that my heart and body would just bounce back to normal, and WAHOO it DID!

Feeling GREAT Today!:)


  1. Hi Maggie:
    i hope that you are feeling much, much better. How scary. I hate anything to do with taking medicine and it sounds like you do too. Your work looks amazing as usual and I wouldn't have known that you were sluggish viewing the final results. I will say a prayer for you tonite and hope that you stay well,
    Your Arteest Friend in Jersey,
    Tracey Ann

  2. Oh Maggie, I had no idea! I know how difficult going through panic attacks can be,and how scary anything to do with your heart can be. Please know we are here for you! Your paintings are beautiful as always!

    Take care,
    LoriAnn Austin Michael

  3. Hope you are feeling better!!!!
    Just love your work, very inspiring :-)

  4. Your paintings here are still awesome! You really have the talent, regardless of the situation. Good thing that you just braved through the ordeal and you've recovered quite fast. You did follow what the doctor ordered, that's why you're back to your feet.

    - Clara Heisler